Tarot Spread : Choosing a business name

Ahhh, the conundrums of choosing a name. What’s in a name? What isn’t? etc etc …

For a while now I’ve been mulling over choosing a consultancy name. I’ve wanted to use my real name, since it is not a common one owing to its Romanian roots. Then I wanted something a bit more mystical, after which I penned down a gothic one, a witchcrafty one, a “sensible” one, and around and around I went until I came back to my real name and so on. Another Full Moon came and went, and divine inspiration eluded me still.

So, I did what any other self-respecting tarot reader would do, and drew some cards on my options.

Options 1 to 5  Tarot of the Absurd
Options 1 to 5
Tarot of the Absurd


I focused on five options, and used Tarot of the Absurd. In an instant, my focus narrowed down considerably. My consultancy vision will be on tarot and astrology, specifically on one-to-one consultations. Looking at all the cards above, the first one strikes me a a definite, based first on the visual imagery: two people engaged in an exchange. It’s a comforting scene, and what’s more this is the 4 of Wands, a great card in the Tarot due to its associations of happiness, celebrations, success. Overall though, I like the exchange of these two, the engagement and the energy shown in the card – and the fact they are facing each other as well.

Next was the third option, 10 of Cups – this is a card of emotional satisfaction and happiness. If I could combine option 1 and option 3 into a name, that would be grand.

As for the rest, none really jumped up.  Certainly not option 4, showing 2 people in a battle, swords drawn – sheesh! And not option 5, with too much going on in the card (option 5 was for a name not yet thought of, and it just looked like I’ll be going in circles again and again…) I’ll have to give it some thought, naturally. I’ve set myself a deadline in March, and in between now and then, I need to think about website design, logo, fliers, and everything else. I’m not computer savvy, if anything I am technically challenged, so there’ll be a few late nights no doubt, trying to figure all this out. Still, I have a dream, and it feeds the hunger, and that is all that matters.

Warm blessings,


Morning Tea

tarot of the absurd

Today’s morning tea, served with home-made hazelnut mocha biscuits. I admit the biscuits don’t look that flash (and nothing like the picture in the cook book!) but they do taste mighty fine 🙂 Served with a cup of detox tea (just to balance all that icing out, you know) and three cards from Tarot of the Absurd: 8 of Cups, Wheel of Fortune, and Knight of Cups.

The 8 of Cups I think refers to our temporary flatmate, who is moving out tomorrow. He has just started working for the same place I work at, and needed a place to stay while he sorted something more permanent. I can’t see this card being about anything else, so that’s what I’m going with. The Wheel of Fortune and Knight of Cups relate to my trip out to see a friend and enjoy some much-needed conversations around tarot / astrology / herbalism and world at large. I work a 9 day fortnight, so today was the day-to-myself dedication. I totally relish it. Immensely 😉

tarot room decorations 2

I’ve also started to decorate the bare walls in my tarot room. Above is a print from the lovely Hermitage artist, Rima Staines. Unfortunately the frame is not big enough (and I now realise it doesn’t really go with the print anyway), so that will change.

magic framing
Excuse the reflection…

I’ve also added some green hanging foliage and a crystal hummingbird. I try hard not to add too much clutter, but one does need colour in one’s life, no? And plants…

tarot room decorations

hummingbird crystal
Until next time, with blessings,

Today’s card brought to you by Crown Lynn


Lots going on today, starting with the op-shop hunt which resulted in buying my first ever set of china. Above (and below) is the very delightful Crown Lynn Laura set, which I snapped for $20. I think “snapped” goes well with the 5 of Sticks energy, teeeheeeheee. I don’t know what the odds are of finding this gem in the middle of central Queensland, but I’d say pretty rare. Kiwis will no doubt smile with fondness – Crown Lynn is quintessential kiwi, made in New Zealand long ago when such things were possible, before virtually all manufacturing jobs got exported to China. The factory didn’t make it past 1989, which is such a shame, but this means the pottery and ceramics they made are rather sought after. I don’t think this set is actually worth a lot, however I am so happy to have a little bit of kiwiana gracing the dinner table.

It’s funny because I see myself and my friend in the 5 of Sticks, rummaging for good bargains at the local op-shops. We didn’t knock each other out 😉 but had a great time looking through for bits and pieces. It’s my day off so at some point I would like to set aside the action-packed vibe of this card and light a candle, some incense, and shuffle some cards quietly. Perhaps tonight.

Many blessings and a great week to you all,


Deck Review: Tarot of the Absurd

© Jessica Rose Shanahan

It is rare to have a new deck so wonderfully ingenious and fresh these days. Even though I am a fan of the romantic and ethereal, I do appreciate variety and substance. This deck has recently graced my table, and I believe you can still get copies directly from the author – check out Jessica Rose Shanahan’s site.

This first edition is a limited print of 600, and it comes with an extra card signed by the author. Mine happened to be the 9 of Swords, which, for once, I didn’t recoil in horror upon seeing it.

© Jessica Rose Shanahan

I love the way the dreamer holds the sword in this card, as if she is unfazed and completely comfortable in her night of dreams or nightmares. Like being in a lucid dream where you know that’s all it is and you cannot be harmed because you know it’s just a dream. Perhaps it’s an invitation for me to try and practice lucid dreaming, or change the way I perceive this card. Or simply, to not be afraid of the night, of being alone in the night.

© Jessica Rose Shanahan

The imagery in this deck is new and oddball and fruitloop and whacky, but equally it has depth and substance. I think this is a difficult combination to achieve, and yet it is well blended in the cards, without losing the essence of each card’s message. It is a black and white deck throughout, following the traditional structure of tarot.

The four suits are Coins, Blades, Cups and Sticks. I think the artist’s background as an arborist comes through in the Sticks (Wands) suit. For me, this brought back a few memories as I actually got half-way through an arboricultural degree a few years ago (I am still quite the hippy-tree-hugger enthusiast and get to spend a lot of time at work assessing trees and learning about them!). There is a beautiful synergy between people and trees in this deck, and I love the way this interaction is portrayed.

I think a black and white deck would be a very difficult task, considering there are 78 cards each with its own message. Difficult because of the challenge to infuse a card with enthusiasm, zest, and dynamism in the absence of colour, yet all of this is so abundant and overflowing in these cards. Personally, I think Jessica has done a brilliant job and I hope this deck makes its way to many happy shufflers out there. Enjoy!

© Jessica Rose Shanahan
© Jessica Rose Shanahan
© Jessica Rose Shanahan

2 of Coins


Today’s draw with Tarot of the Absurd. It’s been all about balancing and juggling the material home tasks – a bit of gardening, blogging, washing, shopping and relaxing with coffee in-between it all. As soon as I get a scanner, I’ll do a review of this deck, as I rather fancy it. It’s new and different and slightly wacky 🙂

Somehow, the day just disappeared in a puff of domesticity, probably because I had quite a bit to do, promptly heading out to the local library book sale this morning. At 50 cents per book, it was all too much.

This was the end result, which is half what I originally intended to take. Now I shall enjoy a cup of tea and make my way through some literature 😉



Gifts and decks galore… Postmark Lenormand and Tarot of the Absurd

I love it when Christmas starts early 🙂

Yesterday I received a lovely gift that included this beautiful fabric. I am not sure what to do with it yet, maybe look at creating a tarot deck bag. I had already drawn a card from the Barbara Walker tarot, which happened to be the rather ice-queen Virginal. I think the blues from the tarot card look good next to the pinks of the fabric.

The greeting card is stunning. It so happens the birds on it are Australian blue wrens.

How cute are they? 🙂

Then today I received, first of all, the Postmark Lenormand by Melissa Hill, who writes the Sassy Sibyl:

It’s a beauty. With it came a mini Postmark Lenormand…

I am intrigued by the Lenormand and can see future study with this deck coming up, that is once I’ve absorbed all the other goodness that is finding its way here finally, including this little gem…

That’s a sneak peek at Tarot of the Absurd, created by Jessica Rose Shanahan, and very recently published in a limited edition. Each deck comes with a signed extra card, which in my case is the 9 of Swords – perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate what this card means to me and how I see it?

This is a completely black and white deck, but let me asure you it is by no means lacking zest and a colourful world all of its own. You can check it out on her website here.

Until next time,