Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread : astrology, tarot, magic and ritual

Setting up prior to a Full Moon tarot reading

Tonight is a Full Moon in Gemini, which also happens to be my natal Moon. That is to say, I was born on a Full Moon in Gemini.

To mark this occasion, I decided to spend some time creating a custom spread, with a focus on what exactly this lunar placement means for me. This may, of course, be altered to one’s own specific astrological Moon position, sign, etc.

Setting up means: a sleeping toddler, a de-cluttered table, glass of water, cards, journal, candles and incense

First, it is important to have some understanding of what exactly one’s Moon phase, at the time of birth, means. A Full Moon is a position that requires work on integrating two opposing energies, the Sun and the Moon.

“Two types of people born under the Full Moon may be the enlightened and the emotionally troubled. Those who do not use its influence positively suffer from tumultuous emotions similar to all the negative influences attributed to the Full Moon… Rudhyar observed that Full Moon people can have serious or even destructive emotional conflicts or mental dilemmas, since here the solar and lunar urges are polarised into two opposite expressions or ways of life. In such cases, the person is pulled apart by opposing needs”. Donna Cunningham, Moon Signs

The following is my 13 card spread based on my natal Full Moon in Gemini. If you are born on a Full Moon in Gemini, this spread applies to you; for others, the questions will have to be adapted to your own sign and Moon phase.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 5.11.08 pm

I used the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot. Here are the cards I received and my thoughts on them. In a spread of 13 cards, 8 are majors. No biggie, eh 😉 I discuss each answer in more detail below.



1-2 What is the significance of being born on a Full Moon?
Page of Cups / Wheel of Fortune


The keywords that sprung to mind were emotional changes, that is emotional ups and downs, reflecting on some of Donna Cunningham’s thoughts above. The Page of Cups brings a sensitivity and awareness of the emotional realm, while the Wheel of Fortune is quite simply change. It is not static, it turns continuously, bringing a churning of the emotions, feelings, and general inner realms that are mostly hidden from others (and from one self, to some extent).

3-4 What gifts does this placement bring?
Strength / The Emperor


Well, anyone with a rich, “tumultuous” inner life needs a good dose of Strength to deal with it. This means allowing it to be, not shying away from it, but also learning some tools or skills so it does not overpower or take over the day-to-day life.

The Emperor represents authority. That is, authority over one self most importantly, and the ability to master life’s challenges. This is a “gift” that has taken me many years to develop: setting up boundaries, that no one is allowed to cross. There is a touch of the shaman in this card, which I love.

5-6 What challenges does this placement bring?
The Star / Ace of Cups


This had me flummoxed for a while. I mean, they’re both such great cards, so having them in a position of “challenges” was rather confusing.

This combination speaks of hope, deep love (inner love as well), a connection with the divine, with the ability to see and receive divine love, which is love that is independent of another human being, love that makes one feel whole and nurtured even if they were not as a child. Love from a higher source or power, if you wish.

It can be a challenge to carry this energy or be aware of it most times, what with the focus on the material world – which is all necessary of course (job, home, finances, relationships, etc).

It is also a challenge for me, when the darkness descends, to feel hope or love, not just for myself but for all of humanity. I am not prone to depression, however I am acutely and deeply sensitive to all the despicable acts of depravity, brutality and senseless violence displayed by so many.

7-8 How do I integrate the Full Moon polarity (opposing needs) in my life?
The Fool / 10 of Swords


With enthusiasm, openness, inquisitive attitude, and a sense for adventure. The Fool: trust your heart (cliché, I know!). I am still mulling over that 10 of Swords, though.

9-10 What do I need to do in order to support an emotionally healthy Moon in Gemini?
The Tower / Justice


Sheesh. I first thought to myself, this makes absolutely no sense, having two completely opposite cards for advice – completely missing the point that astrologically, a Full Moon is, of course, Sun opposite Moon!

The Tower is all about letting go: see the woman in the card, free-falling from the stable, yet oppressing tower. Now this can mean letting go by our own choice, but usually with the Tower, it means letting go when the Universe has dealt some sudden shocks, unexpected events, or generally unsavoury life circumstances. Move on.

And Justice is about balance, as indicated by the scales she holds in her right hand. But it is also about exercising a fine mind and mental discrimination, as symbolised by the swords in her left hand. This is, of course, much easier said than done, when talking about the Moon, which governs our instinctive emotions, rather than the rational mind. However, Gemini is a sign that is all about reasoning, intellect, thoughts, and communication, so it makes sense.

11-12 What karmic bonds (ties to the past) does this Moon placement hold (represent) for me?
10 of Wands / The Chariot


I am carrying some heavy karmic burdens (10 of Wands) and it is my turn to break free from them, or learn to control them, or take charge and learn to use these energies to move forward in life. I think I know what this is about, it’s personal so I’ll leave it at that.

13 What magical power or ability does the Full Moon in Gemini bring for me?
4 of Pentacles


A nicely stacked set of pentacles: the ability to build and to manifest in the material form.  I admit I initially felt that this card was as far removed from “magic” as you can get, but upon reflection it all made sense (this is why you have to sit with the cards even when you don’t like what you receive at first).

It tells me that despite past challenges, and the challenges and difficulties inherent in my natal Full Moon, I can make something out of this life. The fact that I have come so far over the past decade does not escape me. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself – for despite the upheavals of my past, I have managed to build, and to manifest, what so many would give their right arm for, and more.

Wishing everyone a blessed Full Moon in Gemini tonight. Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread : astrology, tarot, magic and ritual

  1. Lisa Dee December 4, 2017 / 3:49 am

    I love your readings. I think I understand how Tarot cards work now. I think they, in themselves, mean nothing – it is the intuitive musings and introspections they inspire which are of import.

    I love that deck – the design is incredibly powerful – especially the tower one.

    • Monica December 4, 2017 / 8:22 am

      Thanks Lisa, the deck is certainly one of the best to grace my library in the last couple of years – both the theme and the artwork are so well executed. My personal insights in the world of Tarot have been an invaluable tool for growth and wonder. Enjoy!

  2. Dave Garcia January 12, 2018 / 9:30 am

    I came across your site while searching about the Haindl Tarot (something about this deck is calling me). I am new to Tarot and have heard I should NOT start with Haindl but it keeps drawing me. Was wondering if you might have any opinions or suggestion on this?

    Also, how do you first start studying astrology?

    Thank you!!

    • Monica January 17, 2018 / 11:23 am

      Hi Dave, I agree the Haindl is not the best for starting out with. My personal recommendation is to start with something like the Rider Waite Smith, or a close variation of. I love the Haindl, but it can be complex, although very rich in symbolism and depth of art. Once you have a good grasp of the RWS, and the structure of tarot overall, you could explore the Haindl and other similar decks.

      As for the astrology side, it is really up to you. You can try and find a local astrologer that offers classes (this was how I started), and enhance this via online learning courses such as Kepler College etc. I would caution you research your astrologer’s credentials and make sure you learn from reputable practitioners that have substance and a strong ethical code. Books can be great too if you stick to the greats – Robert Hand, Liz Greene, Donna Cunningham, also check out Skyscript online and the Oxford Astrologer blog is great too. Goodluck!

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