A Happy New Year to everyone, may this year bring blessings and fruition of dreams to all.

It’s been a good break to think about what I would like to do over the coming year, which promises to be epic and filled to the brim with personal immersion into tarot and astrology – as if that wasn’t already the case! However, I have formalised my vision firstly by enrolling in a Kepler College course, Introduction to Astrological Symbolism and Practice. While some of the material may be familiar to me, I am aiming for a solid foundation building up to their Diploma, which will take a few years to complete.

Secondly, I am very excited to have enrolled in the Dark Goddess Lodge six-year exploration of the Goddess with the tarot deck by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in the Goddess, tarot, and spiritual studies, which will take place at each New and Full Moon for the coming six years – granted, that’s a long time, yet I already honour these cycles every month of every year.


For the coming Full Moon in Cancer, I did the first spread offered by the Dark Goddess Lodge using the MAAT Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts. It was a spread based on the first Goddess to be studies, La Santa Muerte (Death), shown above. I won’t post the spread details here, suffice to say it reaffirmed it is well worthwhile to take part in this monthly mediation and celebration of the Goddess.

So it looks like I’ll be fairly busy in the first half of the year, in a good way. I’m also part way through cleaning and painting my tarot room. Being a natural hermit, having a room of my own dedicated to my tarot and astrology work is paramount, and I’ve missed not having this (I’m sure other readers can relate!). Currently I have a table and study nook set up in our bedroom, and while, the room itself is very large and spacious, nothing beats having personal space. Once it’s all done, I’ll post some photos up in a couple of weeks.

Until then, I wish everyone a beautiful and enthusiastic start of the year 🙂
Many blessings,


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  1. Ellen January 5, 2015 / 1:17 am

    Happy new year Monica. I can relate to your Hermit needs 🙂
    Wishing you lots of wonderful, magical experiences with you new study

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