Christmas reading


Well, you know, there’s a bazillion things to do on my Christmas break, and yet, this delicious offering arrived last week. I indulged and bought this year’s Man Booker prize winner: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. Not only is she the youngest person to win this prestigious literary award (at 28), she’s also a kiwi, and the book has an astrological bent to it, as suggested by the title. It’s 800 and something pages long, so I might not resurface for a while… 😉

I thought it would be interesting to draw three cards on the actual story itself, and I got Temperance, The Magician, and Lady of Vessels (Page of Cups). Personally I thought these three make a fine description for the process of writing a book, since the Magician I relate to Mercury, ruler of communication in general, and the Page of Cups is very fitting for artistic explorations. Well I’ll see how the story unfolds…

It looks like the author has researched astrology and is well acquainted with it, so this ought to be a decent meaty and engaging read.

Extract from The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
Extract from The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Now excuse me while I sink into a comfy cushion and forget about the world…

Wishing everyone a peaceful week ahead,








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