Full Moon in Taurus : Dark Goddess Tarot

Lilith: Siren of Air Dark Goddess Tarot
Lilith: Siren of Air
Dark Goddess Tarot


Today is a Full Moon in Taurus. Strictly speaking, it was exact in the early hours of the morning, and starting yesterday afternoon I got a thunderous headache, which was still raging this morning. So I cancelled today’s morning appointments, and hermited in my tarot room. I’m still there, typing away, though the headache has eased considerably. I put it down to two things: the first, I heated up some home-made beef bone broth for breakfast, and had this with noodles. Secondly, before starting my Full Moon tarot shuffle, I called upon my spirit guides and my higher guide and asked for healing, guidance, and blessings.

A few notes on Taurus: this is the sign associated with the earthy, sensual enjoyment and appreciation of life. I’m talking beautiful fabrics, nourishing food, comfortable surroundings. Taurus is ruled by Venus, Goddess of beauty and love, like Libra. Whereas Libra appreciates beauty in all things ruled by air (for example, design – those with strong Libra in their chart make excellent web designers I’ve noticed), with Taurus we are talking about the tangible earth: hence homemade beef bone broth, made with organic grass fed beef bones, organic vegetables, simmered for 10 hours (this stuff is pure medicine). That’s just one example, and it only dawned on me while stirring the pot on the stove in tropical heat.

I decided to shuffle my latest deck, the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. There are quite a few reviews on this deck out there, so I won’t elaborate except to say it’s well worth the investment. I also decided to work with this deck on each Full Moon, drawing a card once a month, and working with that Goddess for the entire month, until the next Full Moon arrives.

In today’s draw, I focused specifically on my deep-seated anger and rage, which comes up now and then, but has been almost omnipresent for the last couple of weeks – see my Mars return post previously. So I asked my guides for the Goddess that will help me understand and work with these issues, and who turns up but Lilith… If you know anything about Lilith, you’d be smiling a very nervous smile too. The little white book that comes with the deck simply states: “Lilith – Babylonian Goddess of Darkness. Be seduced by the strange to grow your mind.” Well, there you go. I asked, and I received. I’m going to start by doing some (more) research on Lilith, as well as following the author’s guidelines for working with the Goddesses. This includes meditation, creating an altar, or art, etc.

I also need to say, I’m taking a while between posts because:


Yes, I have a new baby, and this one speaks a different language to my old dinosaur Dell. I’m still learning how to use keys and functions and all that, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I wish you all a nourishing week ahead. Many blessings,



12 thoughts on “Full Moon in Taurus : Dark Goddess Tarot

  1. Ellen November 18, 2013 / 9:36 pm

    Congrats with your new baby!
    Lilith will be a perfect guide to explore the darker area’s of you mind:)

    • Monica November 19, 2013 / 9:51 am

      Ah why thank you, I’ve waited about 3 years now for a new laptop! It’s so good 🙂 I doubled my internet usage within the first week of getting it, since it’s so fast he he. All the better for researching Lilith, I say. Blessings.

  2. Beth Henry November 19, 2013 / 2:00 am

    Wonderful article and beautiful deck! Thank you for sharing! I hope you get to feeling better.

    • Monica November 19, 2013 / 9:54 am

      Thank you 🙂 Great deck for some in-depth work, or any more introspective type of readings. Blessings.

  3. Zanna Starr November 19, 2013 / 2:50 am

    Great post, Monica. I like your idea of using the Dark Goddess deck for full moon readings, and I certainly would have “smiled nervously” when Lilith appeared! My natal moon is in Taurus, so this particular full moon and I are “close.” LOL

    • Monica November 19, 2013 / 9:58 am

      Thanks Zanna! Well you would have been feeling the full moon no doubt then! At least in Taurus (one hopes) it’s a bit more grounded and not too intense?!! I suppose that really depends on where the Moon is in your chart and the aspects it makes as well. Oh well, happy to read that you enjoyed the post. I think working with this deck this way allows time to get to know the Goddesses more intimately. Can’t wait to get the accompanying book. Blessings.

    • Monica November 24, 2013 / 4:16 pm

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your work. I shall check it out. Many blessings.

  4. JJ November 24, 2013 / 6:44 am

    I always wanted a Mac. Sigh. I am very happy you have something special Monica, you deserve it!

    I never bought Ellen’s first deck but I’d like to buy this one. Can’t afford it, however I did mention she had it available on my blog today too. Thanks for getting the word out. Are you going to buy her book for the deck when she finishes it?

    • Monica November 24, 2013 / 4:18 pm

      Yeah, the Mac has been a LONG time wish… can’t quite describe the joy of a functioning laptop 🙂 I will definitely be getting her book when it comes out, and I look forward to it as the little white booklet is very sparse on descriptions – but then again, it gives me the chance to explore on my own and see what I can intuit. Blessings.

  5. Magic Mentha (@MagicMentha) November 27, 2013 / 10:43 am

    Oooohhh…a new Mac! SO exciting. Hope you’re having fun. Nice boobs and owls in the card…heheee!

    • Monica November 29, 2013 / 10:11 am

      Hiya! Yes… oooohhhh aaaahhhh ooooohhhh it’s so good!!! It might take me a year to figure all the shortcuts and keys out ha ha! So much easier to use, despite all that though.

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