Election Tarot Spread

For readers outside New Zealand, it is election time – precisely this coming Saturday 26 November, New Zealanders will be heading for the voting booths and choosing the leadership over the coming three years. Having voted in the last three elections, I’ll be making my way to the local Melbourne office and casting my vote with a deep sigh and a hopeful heart.

This post is about the five parties that are considered “key” players – well, to say all five hold weight is not true, but it makes for an interesting spread. While I won’t be so specific as to declare who I’m voting for, let’s just say that I support organic and biodynamic farming, social justice, ethical projects and environmental causes, and might just place my ticks with the left hand 😉 I’m afraid this post is very kiwi-oriented, though I’ve given a brief interpretation to some of the parties listed for everyone’s entertainment.

The exact question asked was, “What will be the election outcome for each of these parties?” I used the Universal RWS deck for clarity and precision, I didn’t want any ambiguity in the answer. For those unfamiliar with the NZ voting system, it is MMP based, and a party may form a coalition with another party in order to obtain majority of seats in parliament.

Act New Zealand

  Some of the slogans of the Act party are “Don’t let the government tax livestock emissions”, “Overhaul the RMA and cut the red tape”, and other pro-business rot that basically places economic interests ahead of environmental protection.

New Zealand clean and green? Please – what a joke. It’s only the small population that has provided the illusion of “green” – the rivers are in a badly declining state due to intensive farming, Auckland smog keeps getting worse every year, not to mention the urban sprawl, terrible state of housing (they’re not called wooden tents for nothing), child abuse and poverty and so on.

So it was to my dismay to see such a glorious combo for this party. Ugh. At present they poll at 0.9% which is minuscule, but then again, Judgement may just be about their Judgement day. So long, farewell…

Green Party of Aotearoa

The Green Party stands for, well, all things green. Currently polling at 10.1%, it is on the rise after the 2008 election in which they received about 7%. The Magician is a great card for manifestation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually get more than 10%.

Next to the 3 of Pentacles (the card of mastery in work), this combo gives the party a great outcome. I am trying hard not to be biased in making my observations here. 🙂

Labour Party

I did wonder if my own bias is reflected in the cards – because, while The Emperor equals leadership, and together with the King of Pentacles gives Labour a very strong outcome, the reality is that at present they poll at only 29.1% (compared with National’s 54.2% below). This means Labour needs to gain a few more decent percentage points, and then form a coalition with the Greens to obtain a majority in parliament.

National Party

If only…

National, along with Act, is right-leaning. The key words “pernicious leadership” come to mind, though obviously plenty of New Zealanders voted for them in the last election, displacing Labour and its leader Helen Clark, who went on to continue her brilliant career as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. Well, she resigned from Labour after the last election, and good for her I say.

The public was obviously tempted by the promise of an extra block of cheese a week (the equivalent of tax cut promises), rather than socio-cultural development. This is even more pressing during this election, what with a recession going on, and one of the main reasons National is polling at 54.2% (alongside what I perceive as poor leadership in the Labour Party).

So this two card combo to me shows a fast decline, though, in light of current statistics, I do wonder if that’s just my subconscious showing in the cards. Still, I live in hope, and as we all know, hope dies last… 8 of Wands plus 9 of Swords equals a quick demise, or a nightmare disappointment (fall from grace).

New Zealand First

For your entertainment purposes only. What with joker Winston Peters back to amuse us, why not? NZ First is currently polling at 1.7%.

The Justice card shows NZ First having a role to play in attempting to form an agreement / deal with one of the main parties. With the Queen of Swords next to it, this combo indicates legal agreements and deals.

So, what do the folks back home think? Please share 🙂 I conclude my “analysis” with the gem below. Many blessings to you all.


8 thoughts on “Election Tarot Spread

  1. Magic Mentha November 22, 2011 / 5:20 pm

    (Blank Look™)

    I am soooo ignorant of politics in your area, but thanks for explaining them somewhat for me. 🙂 I may have to utilize Wikipedia or something…

    I hope your fave parties win! The Occupy Wall Street thing is quite interesting, isn’t it?

    Hope you have a bitchin’ day,

    • Monica November 22, 2011 / 7:06 pm

      He he 🙂 That’s ok, I don’t think anyone outside NZ knows much about its political system, or NZ for that matter, except for hobbits and the “clean & green” imaginary (both very mythical at this stage, and for the forseable future).

      Occupy Wall St is fascinating, yes, and equally I’m all for it. The video I posted really spoke to me – I feel it definitely captured the essence of what it is about, and it applies to each and everyone of us – hence I think it is relevant for NZ too, where for the past few decades social welfare has been butchered etc etc etc.

      Many blessings to you x

  2. Paula November 22, 2011 / 8:10 pm

    as you say Monica… if only it was tears before bedtime for National. I think the ‘tea gate’ fiasco has wiped the smile from JK’s face but the public love him because he goes on FM Rock radio stations and talks bull shit. The 8 of wands would indicate some things are moving faster than the Nats can control. The Queen of Wands and Judgement for Act could mean despite the enthusiastic campaigning by John Banks their time of reckoning is coming. I love the 3 of pentacles and the Magician for the Greens, I think they will poll well. I am intrigued with the cards pulled for Labour, the Emperor indicates good organisation skills, and the King of Pentacles; perhaps a better financial plan. I think you are right about NZ First, Winston can get himself into legal strife with that mouth of his, still, if he splits the right vote that has to be good. There seems to be this determination here to follow an outmoded political and financial systems which do not work, the end result being 10% of the population control 90% of the wealth in this country, the wealth our ancestors build up which is being flogged off to the highest bidder. It will be interesting to look at the reading again next week.

    • Monica November 22, 2011 / 8:26 pm

      Spot on Paula. I just read the judge will present his/her decision on the tea gate scandal tomorrow, as in whether the contents of the tape is considered public. Let’s hope the judge rules that it is public, and we get to hear what was said. At worst it is nothing inappropriate and John Key can flash out the cretin smile. At best, it is offensive and it would result in the 8 of Wands/9 of Swords scenario come voting day.

      But you know, Sagittarians are knows for their blind optimism… 🙂

      As for the Labour cards, it made me think of “stuffiness”, which is how I have perceived Goff in the past. Nothing against the man (and I haven’t followed the latest campaign so not sure how he’s doing), I just think Labour needs a very strong leader to pull off this election. Many blessings and happy voting!

    • Monica November 22, 2011 / 9:54 pm

      I’ve actually just checked John Key’s astro chart. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius (28 degrees) is opposite his north node in Leo (at 27 degrees). Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is directly opposite his natal Venus in Cancer. On the day of the election transiting Mars will be conjunct his Natal Pluto (in Virgo).

      Interesting…. 🙂

  3. Ditto November 27, 2011 / 7:54 pm

    They say we get the government we deserve, and I think this is what has happened. People still have the Messiah complex, that someone will come and give us all the goodies we think we deserve. Oh dear, it just puts off the inevitable, but sadly we are flogging off everything we have of value for a few trinkets… sound familiar?

  4. Monica November 28, 2011 / 11:11 am

    Yes, rather grim, isn’t it? I’m still hoping the 200,000 plus overseas votes yet to be counted will make a difference… As a friend pointed out though, most people in cities voted Labour/Greens, it’s really the rural parts that seem to be heavily pro National (ie farmers). Still at least he didn’t get the 52% majority – phew!

    We’ll kick them out at the next election…

  5. duck@ kartenlegen November 28, 2011 / 7:33 pm

    wow, interesting. especially as here in europe the NZ politics is not THE top area of interest in public media 😉 love the correlations and the tarot on politics.

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