Death and transformation

The Grim Reaper has been showing his face lately, and I can’t blissfully ignore him. He turned out in the middle of an important spread, in the advice position. I was rather irritated by this, since I know, in this case, it’s all about release, letting go, endings and beginnings. Transformation. The source of my irritation is linked with the fact that while I know what the message is, practical applications are harder to implement.

Unlike the Hanged Man, where release takes place through static suspension, like it or not, Death brings release through dynamic transformation. Like it or not. The source of my irritation is also notably due to a lack of control – there is nothing you can control with this card, other than a surrender to the greater forces at work. Rather fitting for the month of Scorpio, I think. Who better knows about death and control than Scorpio – and I refer here to the more conscious Scorpio, rather than the overly suppressed and obsessed creature.

In the particular spread this card came up, both the near future and the outcome cards were brilliant and positive – even more the reason to pay note to the advice card of Death. Specifically, I think if the outcome is to manifest in the brilliant card shown (it was the Sun), the advice has to be incorporated.

Right on time, all sorts of synchronous activity started taking place. I started reading 50 Ways to Leave Your Karma by Eric Klein (it is available as a free download and no, I am not affiliated in any way with his organisation).

“There’s so much to do. So many items on the ever expanding to-do list. How can you set priorities and focus on what matters most? How can you whittle the list down to the core so that your actions and choices align with your heart’s deeper dream?

The wisdom traditions from around the world suggest using death as your advisor. These traditions view the awareness of death, far from being a morbid preoccupation, as the light that illuminates the sacredness of this moment.” Eric Klein

This is exactly what is shown on the card above (I actually used the Fairytale tarot for my reading). We see Death walking side by side with a man who looks rather apprehensive or worried. Yet the message above encourages us to reflect on Death a little (or more) in order to appreciate the beauty of every moment and act on what is most important in our lives, rather than trivial pursuits. Upon reading the story for the card, we learn our protagonist thinks he is going to cheat Death yet in the end Death gets his way. There is no cheating real transformation and it is inevitable if one is to grow and bloom.

There is, of course, another meaning for Death. The card will come up when the death of someone we know is imminent. That, my friends, is a story for next time…

Many blessings,


5 thoughts on “Death and transformation

    • Monica November 4, 2011 / 6:27 pm

      Thank you! Blessings to you.

  1. Digital Dame November 4, 2011 / 9:16 am

    I always kind of groan when Death comes up. I know it rarely means physical death (at least in my experience) but a transformation that big that makes you feel like you’re starting a new life is intimidating and frightening to me (and likely others). Whatever it is, it’s major (pardon the pun), and whatever precipitates it is usually something unpleasant, or hard to get through. Ergh, hope things turn out ok.

    • Monica November 4, 2011 / 6:26 pm

      Yeah it’s not a straight-forward card (although it can seem that way). On my part, it’s all quite good and I am confident everything will work out, but I need to shift my perspective. That’s all 🙂 Blessings.

  2. Magic Mentha November 8, 2011 / 1:08 pm

    Love these Death cards representations! I’m gonna go Google a crapload of Death cards just to see different once.

    Love Lots,

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