Jupiter’s crystals

I get a bit giddy when I come across books I love, books that inspire me, and that have a great deal of ancient knowledge in them. At this week’s astrology class, I hoarded a few library items in my bag, one of which is a real astro feast: Earth Mother Astrology – Ancient Healing Wisdom by Marcia Starck.

While this is not an astrology blog, it is a tarot blog, and tarot covers, well… everything! As Mary Greer notes, when one studies the tarot, one receives a complete education in the liberal arts: history, mythology, art, literature, quantum theory, psychology, and so on.  On that note, my interests related to tarot include astrology, herbalism and crystals, and Earth Mother Astrology is a real gem (pun possibly intended). In this post I want to share a little snippet from this book, which looks at medical astrology and astrological associations for plants, crystals, flower essences, vitamins and minerals, etc.

Druidcraft Tarot

In the Major Arcana, the mighty Jupiter is linked with the Wheel of Fortune. Also, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is the sign associated with Temperance. The stones of Jupiter primarily work to cleanse the liver and increase bile flow; they have also been used to protect riders and their horses (both link in with Sagittarius, who is prone to excess in food and drink – which I can personally confirm – and is also linked with horses).

The two stones for Jupiter are Turquoise and Chrysocolla. I quite directly from the book for both these stone as follows below.

Turquoise has always been considered a holy gem. It treats eye problems as well as ailments of an inflammatory or feverish origin. The Egyptians felt the earthy green colour joined the heavenly blue colour in giving the turquoise its special quality. Turquoise loses colour when its wearer is ill or in danger; it turns a dull yellow when worn by a person with liver problems. The stone absorbs harmful vibrations, sometimes shattering. It was a sacred stone in Persia during the time of Zoroaster.

In the Orient, turquoise is used to protect riders and their steeds; strings of turquoise beads are attached to the horses’ harnesses in order to make them sure-footed on narrow mountain paths. The Arabs wore a turquoise between three pearls on their headbands; at the hour of Jupiter, they took the stone in their right hand and made wishes on it. The Native Americans have always considered turquoise their sacred stone and use it in making jewelry and ritual objects.

Chrysocolla is a semi precious stone like turquoise, being opaque and dull in luster. Its color represents the Divine Mother and the virtues of compassion, humility, and patience. It is used for female disorders and can assist in balancing hormones after miscarriages, abortions, and hysterectomies. It is an emotional balancer and can be placed over the heart chakra to bring control.

As a cooling stone, it lowers fevers, heals burns, neutralizes anger and calms the nerves. It is also a stone of Venus and works well on the throat chakra for thyroid imbalance, voice problems and sore throats.

Given that I am in one gigantic Wheel of Fortune year, it is fitting that these two stones will accompany me throughout the year as well – though as a Saggie, I am rather fond of turquoise personally as well.


6 thoughts on “Jupiter’s crystals

  1. Digital Dame April 23, 2011 / 4:18 am

    I like all the info, but exactly what are you supposed to DO with turquoise for eye problems? Stick it in your eye? Or is just wearing one supposed to do the trick? I’ve never understood what exactly you’re supposed to do with stones/crystals for healing.

  2. Monica April 23, 2011 / 10:25 am

    Gemstones were used as a talisman, or actually ground up and ingested for medicinal puposes. So you could wear it externally as a jewellery or carry it as a talisman (possibly I’d think you could place small pieces on the eyes while resting, but she doesn’t specifically mention this). Internally, it is interesting to note that in Europe gems were pulverised and added to a liquid such as wine, while in India, Ayurvedic doctors used the ashes of the pulverised stones/gems to make medicines. I say interesting because the practice of using gems for medicinal purposes goes such a long way back! There is no specific reference as to whether Turquoise was ingested internally, I guess one would have to research some pretty old texts for that, though I assume the author would know if asked in a personal consultation.

  3. Digital Dame April 23, 2011 / 2:32 pm

    Now that you say that, I think I do remember reading about grinding up stones to put in a drink. Yikes, that could be some expensive medication depending on the stone! 😉 I was particularly interested in the eye treatment as I thought I was starting to get conjunctivits (pink eye) a few weeks ago, and my eye is still more bloodshot than normal. I may just get some eyebright and wash it with that, see if that helps. There’s no discharge of any kind so the doctor doesn’t think it is pink eye. :-/

    • Monica April 23, 2011 / 5:42 pm

      Hmmm well the way medical astrology works is to look at the whole chart, and is not always straight forward eg for herbal applications one would use herbs related to the ruler of the ascendant. Though it doesn’t sound like you have anything serious. Hope it clears out soon.

  4. matthew montoya July 18, 2012 / 1:09 pm

    hello, i am going thru a transit period with saturn and i am a scorpio my moon is in scorpio and my sun is too, and saturn sits in my 3rd house, vedic astrology says 7 years bad luck for the planets saturn dosent get along with during the transit and saturn effects what house its in , was wondering if you know if theirs any stones that can help me during the transit period

    • Monica August 7, 2012 / 8:40 pm

      Hello – I would actually recommend having your chart looked at by someone with experience in this area, such as a medical astrologer. From personal experience, Judith Hill (USA) is very good and she does phone readings for those outside of the U.S. I think though any medical astrologer you would go to would need to see your whole chart. I have only just started studying, so I am reluctant to practice as I do not have enough experience. Monica

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