I celebrate and dedicate the first entry to Lady Fortune, my patron for the birthday year, come good or bad. Getting the Wheel of Fortune in a tarot reading is always a tricky thing I’ve found, so I decided to do a spread to get things rolling, so to speak.

The Wheel of Fortune Reading is from Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom, using the Anna K Tarot. Clockwise from top right:

  1. What turns the Wheel – 9 of Wands
  2. What outer change will come – 8 of Wands
  3. What inner change is possible – Page of Cups
  4. What new situation will I face – 8 of Swords
  5. What rises – 4 of Wands
  6. What falls – King of Cups
  7. What is at the center – The Wheel of Fortune
Tarot deck: Anna K Tarot

See what I mean – you ask a question about the Wheel of Fortune, inevitably it turns up! At the centre of life, where Fortuna is ever present, long acknowledged in philosophy as “the only constant is change” (Heraclitus). Which can be a daunting thing, if one likes things to be set, to be known, to be certain, to be safe. Often it is not fear of the unknown, but fear of losing precisely what is known and familiar, comfortable – friendships, ways of relating, thought patterns, well worn paths.

Perhaps the new situations I will face – acknowledging the illusion of being powerless and restricted in the 8 of Swords – is the true lesson of Lady Fortune. Anna K notes the 8 of Swords “means that there is a part of ourselves that we don’t allow to live. There is a part that we try to shut away. We are inhibited because we try too much to control ourselves, to inflict prohibitions on ourselves. This leads to the feeling of not being truly alive, to the feeling of not really being in touch with ourselves and the world around us.” And allowing oneself to truly live is to dance with Lady Fortune in all her grace and beauty, in luck and sorrow, through highs and lows, for richer or poorer.


Druidcraft Tarot – The Wheel



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