Deck Review: The Housewives Tarot


I’ll be straightforward: this is a brilliant, well executed deck. It is fantastic for pragmatic questions, topics on mundane affairs, and concerns dealing with the tangible, material world – yet it is far from being a dry, uninspiring deck. In fact the only thing dry when working with this deck is the martini you’ll be savouring as you shuffle the cards from the immaculately clean kitchen table :)

DSCF8672Let’s start with the package: a well made, sturdy box that serves as a filing cabinet, with tabs for the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and the instruction book: a perfect start towards domestic orderliness.

The deck is a collage of retro images from 1950s Americana, complete with vintage cars, domestic bliss (or nightmare!), DSCF8674scotch on the rocks, a plethora of martinis, the start of suburbia and kitchen appliances, and let’s not forget the politically incorrect (that Justice card, in particular…) Strictly speaking, I am not a fan of retro vintage art, however I love the creators’ clever use of words, colour and decor that bring the message across with ease.

The design is based on the Rider Waite tradition, and, for the most part, keeps well in line with the Rider Waite interpretations.

EPSON MFP imageThe suit of Swords features sharp utensils that can be equally used to cut a cake or to backstab: knives, skewers, pins and scissors are the favoured tools here.


The suit of Wands is all about cleaning – now I don’t know about you folks out there, but this is a brilliant choice. As a fire sign myself, and knowing quite a few other fire signs too, I can attest to our love-hate relationship with keeping the house clean. Most of us end up hiring a cleaner at one point or another, since there’s just too much going on out there in life, than sweeping floors and wiping windows. Sure, I want a spotless home to come to, but in reality I am faced more with a 10 of Wands scenario at the end of the month, rather than that admirable 6 of Wands above.

EPSON MFP imageThe suit of Cups can be summed up in one word: Martini! It’s great to have a deck where there is no room for ambiguity or grey messages in a card. In the Four of Cups above, the woman is leaning away from what she is being offered: a full glass is being handed to her, while 3 empty ones sit in front of her. This is a great visual interpretation of not taking an opportunity when offered, which is something most people do at one time or another. Unless, of course, she’s an alcoholic – and then of course it is a wise choice ;)

EPSON MFP imageThe suit of Pentacles features mostly plates or dishes – in the Nine of Pentacles above we have, what must have seemed at the time, the ultimate in kitchen fulfilment: the invention of the dishwasher.


The Major Arcana is equally ingenious and quirky – in the Temperance card we find “a delicious and healthy combination of opposite sides of the spectrum – a heaping helping of compromise or cooperation in marriage, relationships, or partnerships. Spoon this mixture into every aspect of your life“, the little book sagely guides.


In Judgment we find a literal interpretation – still a common experience in many women all these decades later, the constant inner and outer judgements of how we look, how much we weigh, etc etc. It gives an immediate visual visceral punch: no matter the circumstance, the message is simple: you are not good enough.

Throughout the deck we find a liberal encouragement of cake making, martini drinking merriment. Heck, the devilish little package even comes with a few inviting recipes, such as “Madame Marlena’s Mystical Martini”, to go with their Martini spread, because, as the little book explains, having a dry martini will “enhance the effect of a reading.” Well if you say so, who am I to argue? I also need to point out the little book is excellent and the messages contained fit the cards well. This is no generic little white book, and the creators have done a brilliant job of succinctly getting the message across without getting too fluffy about it.

TowerMy favourite card? It would have to be the Tower: just check out how happy our lovely protagonist is! For she’s breaking from convention, she’s breaking from the known and comfortable and secure, she’s breaking the mold. What a brilliant Tower moment – for anyone who is afraid of it, for anyone who fears that limitless unknown, this is the card to see every time you wake up and face another day in the mundane mediocrity of conformity: break free, be yourself, and be joyous.

To conclude, this deck, my dear reader, is certainly worth your moolah: at worst, you’ll enjoy a few martinis and give the bathroom a good scrubbing. At best? You’ll get a deep, sensuous satisfaction of the simple life: a home in order, a garden well maintained, a wardrobe meticulously put together, a pantry well stocked, a decent martini at the end of a well lived day – even if it may all very well just be a vicarious experience and not in the least related to the actual state of your ramshackle, chaotic and messy life.

Many domestic blessings to all,

Wild Gods and Stars

“Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.
He is awkward and does not know the ways
Of porcelain, of fork and mustard and silver.
His voice makes vinegar from wine.”

So begins Tom Hiron‘s darkly rich and sublimely satisfying poem.

I stumbled across his poem a couple of years ago, and promptly printed a copy to go in my cookbook. I pasted it next to the beef, mushroom and red wine recipe – I decided a long time ago that good poetry and good food make excellent bedfellows.


So I was elated to find the poem has been published and a hard copy – small and potent little pearl of beauty – promptly found its way to my kitchen table. I received it today, and somehow, in a fit of intuitive impulse, decided it goes wonderfully well with the Wooden Tarot by Andy Swartz. My opportunities for tarot play have morphed into quick shuffles in between nappy changes, feeding, and entertaining my bundle of joy (and I mean that very literally – the little man laughs in his sleep, every time he sleeps; I’m talking full on giggles…). This is good: there is not much time for thinking long and drawn out conversations in my head. It’s all very natural: this poem goes with this deck, regardless of whether any of it makes any sense and who cares anyway.

So there I was about an hour ago, experiencing the tactile enjoyment one savours from the printed book and thinking to myself, Who is the wild god?

And I shuffled the Wooden Tarot asking the question, and out falls the Star.

Now I am not a fan of taking cards that fall out as gospel. I know readers who swear by this method – as one shuffles the deck, inevitably one or more cards fall out. I don’t ignore them either – I know there’s a message in there, but I prefer to shuffle and cut my deck, choosing cards from the middle pile. It’s my solid, trusted and comfortable method.

So anyhow, I see the Star and think well that doesn’t make much sense, I mean, shouldn’t it be the Devil or something like it (see how the mind always churns; this is why I took up yoga, folks, to try and still the never ending conversation). I place the card back, shuffle some more, cut the deck, and pick the top card from the middle pile.


Of course it was the Star.

Tarot does that to me sometimes. Every time I experience one of these moments, I feel like divine grace is there, gently reminding me to trust and have faith.

I suppose they are also qualities one needs to meet their wild god – sooner or later he (or she) will turn up. Again.

Many blessings,

Full Moon in Aries : courage and vision

Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini.

Today is rather auspicious: we have a Full Moon, a Total Lunar Eclipse, and a Super Moon, in the sign of Aries: bold, courageous, impulsive, extroverted, competitive and enterprising. Aries likes to lead, to pioneer, the be the first. It is a fire sign, and like all fire signs can be self-centred (takes one to know one ;) …), intuitive and visionary.

After 6 months of absence, I finally feel lucid enough to start writing again. Our little man arrived early on 4 July (saluting all the American readers out there!) and since then the world has been an ecstatic, jubilant, at times terrifying, yet overall amazing whirlwind of love, pure love. It seems to only get better now, as I am slowly getting a bit more sleep, just enough to rekindle my interest in tarot work and astrology studies.

DSCF8662So I am using today’s Full Moon in Aries to not only restart my tarot blog, but also to set forth some intentions and aspirations relating to my path: the path of magic, of divination, of tarot, astrology, folk herbalism and moon rituals. I encourage you to set aside time today to think about and articulate what it is you wish to accomplish, whatever your path. To draw upon the Aries energy, bold and courageous, so it may aid and support you in your quest. This is an excellent energy to tap into for anyone starting an enterprise, but also for those that may have fears and worries and feel overwhelmed by their task at hand.

Moon Goddess Diana by Susan Boulet
Moon Goddess Diana by Susan Boulet Source: Pinterest

A simple way of doing this is to stand under the Full Moon, soaking up that magnificent light, asking it for blessing and guidance. Feasting on moonlight, working with the Tarot Moon card, creating a visual board or journaling about one’s intentions are all great ways to work with this energy. Personally I prefer to do a simple ritual – burn some frankincense, light a sage stick and a candle, and have a little chat with Diana.

Wishing everyone a blessed journey,

Taking a long, indefinite break

Over the past few months I’ve had to let the blog posts slide in frequency, though it’s not for lack of trying. Tarot continues to be an integral part of my life, of who I am, and shaping to be. In saying that, I am joyously taking a slight detour through the woods, a new path, a new beginning.

At the half way mark and feeling very much like the Empress (or a Queen…)

My partner and I are expecting our first child in July, and among the preparations (read: I’m enjoying doing as little as possible for as long as I can, in a very good way) blogging has fallen to the side. Initially it was a lack of energy and the common “morning sickness”, although now the more delectable endeavour known as “nesting” is taking place.

Through it all I am still reading cards, though almost exclusively for myself (save for a handful of clients), every week, if not every day. Cups of nettle and red raspberry tea are savoured in vintage Crown Lynn, so some things will never change.

Despite this, I have to acknowledge time will become an increasingly rare commodity, and the blog is basically being put on hold. I am not even sure if I will keep it or delete it – it seems there’s 97 subscribers out there, and a few more regular readers, and I thank everyone for taking the time to browse through, comment, and give me feedback.

For anyone wishing to get in touch in the future, or request a reading, please go to my Whitsunday Oracle website (which is in a very draft stage – one more project to tidy up before the big day…) and you’ll find contact details there.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a lovely Tarot story about the beginning of my journey into pregnancy: a while before I fell pregnant, I asked the Dark Goddess Tarot for a Goddess to guide and help me through the journey of conception and birth. I needed a bit of encouragement and strength at that time, you know, when you really need the energy of the world to acknowledge and support you.

The Empress card from the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
The Empress card from the Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

It so happens that I drew the Empress card, which was a very strong message of support and guidance for me at the time. I have actually taken this card out of the deck and kept it framed, either by my bedside table or on my Tarot study table, ever since. I know I still have a long way to go – and the best part is yet to come, but having her as my guide is exceptionally reassuring.

Again, thanks to everyone for taking the time to read and/or comment on my little corner of the world. I’ve loved it all and am grateful to live in a time when the Tarot world is so widely, and openly, created and shared. I thank all the women and men who have contributed towards making this world available and beautiful, despite considerable challenges over the past few decades.

Wishing everyone a blessed journey ahead,


Trusting the cards, trusting yourself – Part 2

Part 1 of the series was published here.


Another music festival. One of the stall holders, whom I befriended at an earlier festival, asks for a reading in exchange for some of her merchandise. I am always open to trading a reading for a beautiful dress, or an acupuncture session, hand-made soaps, and anything in between :)

We agree on the best time for both of us, what with busy trading days, which is after dinner. I have to say that reading tarot by candlelight is a beautiful experience and rather different to the daytime energies. I would do it more, if it wasn’t for the good music and evening merriment which I certainly enjoy partaking in.

So she arrives for her reading, and tells me of her worry. Her partner is French, and he tried to re-enter the country after being back home to France. He was pulled up for questioning by the airport staff, and he was declined entry, on the grounds of using the wrong visa. Australian airport border security can be pretty strict, from what I have heard.

Anyway, this was a devastating blow and now the future was really up in the air. She wanted to know whether he should try and re-enter the country again, and if this would be successful. She planned to travel and meet him in Thailand, and for both of them to try and enter the country on their way back.

So I’m shuffling the cards, trying to remain unbiased, trying to focus on the moment, and let all other thoughts go. But the mind chatter sneaks in, and I catch myself thinking the chances of success are slim. I push the thoughts out of my mind and do my best to focus on the shuffle.

3 of cups
3 of Cups: if this is not celebration, joy and happiness, I don’t know what is.

I don’t remember all the 3 cards I drew, but they were very positive, and I do remember the final one as being the 3 of Cups.

There’s no denying the answer is positive, and I discuss this at length with her.

She leaves feeling upbeat and I am ready for a glass of wine under the stars. I try not to think too much about the reading – it’s a key rule that once it’s done, it’s done, but you know, I definitely do. I wonder what if, and then I just have to let it go.

A few months pass by, and I get the courage to ask her what happened. She replies they were indeed successful, although it took some time going through the situation and explaining it to the airport authorities. She’s ecstatic and looking forward to all their upcoming travels through the country at music festivals.

I breathe a sigh of relief, and wonder why the sweet Jupiter do I doubt myself sometimes?! I make the resolve to trust my ability and really, do more meditation to still my busy thinking mind (with Moon in Gemini, this is awfully difficult). But really, I’m just very happy for them, and for me too.

Many blessings,



Trusting the cards, trusting yourself (Part 1)

It is May 2013 and I am reading tarot at a local festival. It is hot. The sun beams down on the awning shade cloth above me, and the cosy tarot nook I carefully set up starts to heat up like a sauna.

A woman of middle age comes in for a reading. She sits down and I can tell she is slightly nervous, or worried rather, though she doesn’t make a fuss about it. I do a general spread first, which I usually start off with, and go through the cards. Being general in nature, my answers mirror this. At the end, I ask her if there is anything specific she would like answered. She replies yes, and asks about having children.

Ace of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles: a positive result for conception and pregnancy
Ace of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles: a positive result for conception and pregnancy

I remember drawing 3 cards using my Rider Waite Smith deck, and they strongly indicated a yes. I explained what I saw, although at this stage my mind had its doubts. These primarily focused around the woman’s age, which although I did not know, I guessed around early to mid forties.

Now I am well aware of the advances in modern medicine concerning pregnancy and so on. Still, my mind had its doubts.

The woman then proceeds to tell me that she has had a number of IVF treatments, which resulted in pregnancies, however none were successful. I think it was around 3 or 4. She then told me this was the last round of IVF she was prepared to go through, due to its emotional and physical toll.

This only served to increase my doubts about giving her such a positive answer. You might think that as a tarot reader, I never have such doubts, or at least I never should have. That is wrong. I am not God. I live in a world where for most of my early years I was exclusively taught to rely on my mental faculties. You know, worship of the IQ and all that. It was only in late twenties that I truly opened up to the other realms of intuition, gut instinct, etc. After swinging the pendulum from one side (mental) to the other (intuitive), I am now finding a balance between the two.

So in a reading like this, I have the cards telling me loud and clear one message, while in the corner of my mind there’s a few other thoughts going on: she’s too old, she’s had IVFs and pregnancies that did not succeed, etc etc. This was a particularly charged situation: someone who is nearly at the end of their patience, endurance, and hope, on a matter that, to most women, is as vital as the blood flowing through our veins. You can forget all about women’s role in life via a career, or running a business, or political leader, or scientist: try telling someone who wants to have children more than anything else in the world, and cannot, that being a mother is not the only thing there is to life. Let me know how it goes…

I know I have to trust the cards. I reinforce what I see, and explain the cards to her in detail. As she gets up to leave, I say, “well, you may have a son”. I don’t know why I said that, it just came to me. And then she leaves, and I am left thinking about the reading as the sweat beads drip down my back, and I know I shouldn’t think about it for now it is done, but it stays with me.

I actually saw two more women that day with the exact same question, though they were younger. It seems to be a very common question, and I understand the pain and hunger that sometimes accompanies it.

It is May of 2014. Same festival, same heat. I am almost done reading for the day, and looking forward to a cool soak in the crystal river that graces the festival fringe. I am just about to leave the stall, when a woman rushes towards me with a pram.

“Remember me?”

Initially I didn’t. And then I did. She was beaming, and in that radiant glow introduced me to her baby son.

That experience really shook me. Again, there are those who will say it shouldn’t – but it did. Experiences like this mean a tremendous amount to a tarot reader. Not because of some ego drive, not because of some power trip, or anything like that. On the contrary, as I soaked in the river afterwards, and looked at the blue skies and the hills and the trees and all the goodness of this Earth, I actually felt really, really humbled. I was also happy, very happy of course. Her radiance diffused all around me.

I guess I am writing this in part for myself, for those moments when I doubt what I do and why I do it. But I also write this for anyone who has doubts and questions what they see. It’s a natural part of being human, but if your intent is good and honourable, the cards will not lie.

Wishing everyone a blessed week ahead,





A Happy New Year to everyone, may this year bring blessings and fruition of dreams to all.

It’s been a good break to think about what I would like to do over the coming year, which promises to be epic and filled to the brim with personal immersion into tarot and astrology – as if that wasn’t already the case! However, I have formalised my vision firstly by enrolling in a Kepler College course, Introduction to Astrological Symbolism and Practice. While some of the material may be familiar to me, I am aiming for a solid foundation building up to their Diploma, which will take a few years to complete.

Secondly, I am very excited to have enrolled in the Dark Goddess Lodge six-year exploration of the Goddess with the tarot deck by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in the Goddess, tarot, and spiritual studies, which will take place at each New and Full Moon for the coming six years – granted, that’s a long time, yet I already honour these cycles every month of every year.


For the coming Full Moon in Cancer, I did the first spread offered by the Dark Goddess Lodge using the MAAT Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts. It was a spread based on the first Goddess to be studies, La Santa Muerte (Death), shown above. I won’t post the spread details here, suffice to say it reaffirmed it is well worthwhile to take part in this monthly mediation and celebration of the Goddess.

So it looks like I’ll be fairly busy in the first half of the year, in a good way. I’m also part way through cleaning and painting my tarot room. Being a natural hermit, having a room of my own dedicated to my tarot and astrology work is paramount, and I’ve missed not having this (I’m sure other readers can relate!). Currently I have a table and study nook set up in our bedroom, and while, the room itself is very large and spacious, nothing beats having personal space. Once it’s all done, I’ll post some photos up in a couple of weeks.

Until then, I wish everyone a beautiful and enthusiastic start of the year :)
Many blessings,