September outlook

After a couple of months of busy schedules, it seems my body and mind have been left drained of energy. Feeling worse for wear today, I took the day off and decided to spend a good chunk of it in the sun, trying my best to recover health-wise. The prolonged break in my blog has been largely due to busy weeks at work, and packed weekends, though also a lack of decent internet for the past month too.

So I took my blankie, the latest copy of Grass Roots magazine, and the strange but wonderful Light Grey tarot deck, and sprawled myself on our “front lawn”.



I drew 3 cards on what the month of September will bring, and received the 4 of Pentacles, the Hierophant, and 6 of Wands.


I like all of them, and it will be interesting to see how everything pans out, but here are some of my thoughts for each:


The 4 of Pentacles brings a festive air – carnival, masquerade… Yet what really stood out was that mask – I may be hiding my true face from the world, or keeping something hidden in any case.







The Hierophant has a beautiful lotus flower on his lap. At least that’s what I saw. Three faces, three masks.









As for the lovely 6 of Wands – well, it just made me feel all warm and fuzzy :)







I spent the rest of the day savouring the Encyclopedia of Natural Magic by John Michael Greer. He is well known for his blog The Archdruid Report, as well as his books on magic, the occult, and druidry.

Most of what he writes resonates very strongly with me – both the ongoing slow decay and collapse of our civilisation, and the natural magic/druidry side of things. I have yet to sit down and dedicate a “grand plan” for the next few years and decades ahead, but I know that, on our small 5 acres of heaven, we will create an organic garden and food forest, have some chickens, bees, a herbal apothecary with locally grown herbs, and generally try and be as much as possible, self-reliant. I realise that 100% self-sufficiency is not possible – and I am not aiming for that anyway. I like to trade and swap with the local community, and there are plenty of like-minded folk around.

Natural magic, tarot, astrology and a yoga practice are a key core of this way of life. I used to struggle to see how I would ever merge all of these interests of mine, but now I see they already blend into one another effortlessly.

I wish everyone a healthy and peaceful remainder of the week. Apologies for the sparse blog posts, I will do my best to return to a weekly blog in the near future.

Warm blessings,


My cat Fae, the witch’s familiar :)



This morning’s draw is brought to you by the sights and sounds of the Queensland bush.



I moved my tarot reading “nook” to the back of the veranda, as it looks out onto a more wild landscape (ignore the mowed lawn…). After an early morning start pottering around the house, I indulged in a coffee and drew a trio from Songs for the Journey Home deck:


I paused a while after drawing the Tenth Wind Song (10 of Swords), the Fifth Earth Song (5 of Pentacles) and Earth Innocence (Page of Pentacles). The first two are rather dire, yet I liked what the accompanying book had to say:


 “The Tenth Wind Song represents the revisiting of a situation or relationship which has previously lured and entangled you. It is an image of incompatibility, not of evil intent… Sometimes when you have recovered from a crisis point, you may feel the need to return and face the person or the addiction to prove to yourself you can now handle the experience to your advantage… The opportunity is here to illuminate and transform a previously damaging experience.”

Without going into detail due to personal/privacy issues, this card was spot on. Instead of the dreaded 10 of Swords energy, reading the authors’ interpretation bought a huge sigh of relief.

Next, the card of “poverty and hardship” but with a timely twist in its interpretation.


 “Time is speeding up to the degree whereby you feel you are under intense pressure….The Fifth Earth Song is an image of imbalance. Ancient timekeeping flowed with the movements of the stars, moon and sun and thus continued to connect people with elemental, diurnal, tidal and seasonal patterns. This connection is now, for the most part, severed…”

I see this card as a warning to not take too much on, and rather just be and enjoy the incredible gift of what we have: the sounds of birds to wake up to, a sky full of stars at night, a soothing fire at night. The last couple of months have been full on for us, and now we need to take the time to rest and just enjoy it all.


Finally, Earth Innocence. A child happily climbing and exploring a tree. I loved doing that, as a child. I see this card as reconnecting with my inner child and maybe even “going bush” out and about our patch of land. It’s about un-shackling from the earlier experiences shown by the Tenth Wind and Fifth Earth cards – good riddance too.

“Earth Innocence is a purposeful child who is independent from an early age. She may experience herself as being quite different from other children around her and she knows she thinks and sees differently from most adults she meets… When the child is not told what should make her happy, but discovers this for herself, she is free of the need to squeeze herself into an ill-fitting mould.”

All quotes taken from Songs for the Journey Home by Catherine Cook and Dwariko von Sommaruga.


New beginnings


Sun and Moon Tarot The Emperor, 6 of Swords and Ace of Pentacles

Yesterday’s morning draw, taken at our new place. Good to see the solid Emperor make an appearance – he’s all about solid foundations and order, though balanced nicely here with a sheep and bees :) Which is good, since one day we intend to have some farm animals, and bring in bees as soon as we can. Native bees, preferably – Australia has stingless native bees, and while they don’t produce nowhere near the amount of honey European bees do, they are fantastic for native plants, not to mention that permaculture patch we are eagerly anticipating…

On the other side, the Ace of Pentacles heralds our new start. It’s a good omen – the Ace of reality I like to call it.

Part of the view from the veranda table. Unfortunately not captured very well, though I hope to soon have some more shots of the 5 acres we are getting to know. As for the 6 of Swords in the middle – well that’s me there, typing away updating my blogs and keeping in touch with friends. I could do with about 3 months off work, to be honest – just to set out the gardens, get bees, get the chickens sorted, plant an orchard, and study astrology – I have not started the course I am interested in, since the past month has been full of cleaning and packing and moving.

June06 copy

Well, good things take time, as they say. Despite all the hard work of the past couple of months, I am grateful to be here, among nature, trees, birds. I am grateful for the serenity and peace the land brings, which I have craved ever since I moved from a tiny bush hut on Auckland’s west coast. Can’t wait to go wandering through the bush and explore a bit of this world.

Wishing everyone a blessed week,




These are the cards I received for the month of May. I did a full year draw early in the new year. At the time, when I saw the Broom card (New home. New attitude.) I thought it was rather misplaced, and dismissed it straight away. Well, I should have known better, shouldn’t I?!!

As it turns out, we are indeed moving to a new home. We received confirmation a couple of weeks ago that my partner’s sister and her family were not in a position to move into, and take over, his father’s home. My partner’s father was a carpenter, and a while ago bought 5 acres and built a solid viking’s cavern on it. Aside from the delicious appeal of living surrounded by nature – and keep in mind folks, in Australia’s tropics, nature is lush and fecund everywhere – there is a huge emotional attachment to our new home.

I think the Clover card (Great, good fortune), and the Tower card (Solid foundations. Success with effort.) hint at the energies surrounding this move.  We have been busy cleaning out our current place and packing for the past week, and this weekend we are officially moving out. There is no mobile reception where we are moving to (woohoo!) and at present, no internet either. So I won’t be back to update the blog for most of June, I think, until we are settled in and have some form of internet connection.

Wishing everyone a blessed June. Thanks to everyone who has commented on this blog and sent me their wishes – it does matter and it means a lot to me.  I do read all the comments and I try to respond as soon as I can, though sometimes it takes me a few days to get it all together ;). Many blessings,

A good sign



sign copy


Well, I’d say it is ;)

This is the custom-made sign for my tarot and (future) astrology readings. It is an outstanding work of art and craftsmanship, created by hand by a local sign writer. I have been sworn to secrecy to not reveal his name, since he has a big backlog to catch up on (and you can see why), and he can’t take on any more requests.

The middle black section is chalk paint, so I can write on it the times, prices, quote of the day or anything else that strikes my fancy. I need to do it justice and take a better photo, really.

There are two things that make it even better. The first, is the actual material: a Council “No camping” aluminium sign, which I assure you was acquired legally. Honest! Every extra bit to help recycle counts :)

And the second…

WO sign post

The base! How stunning is that?!! It is a buttress root from my partner’s dad, which he had kept in a shed for a while. Well I’m pretty chuffed with the whole thing.

So there you go – thought I’d share this since I absolutely love it. After all, a tarot reader does need a good sign ;)

Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead. Many blessings,

Wintermoon 2014

I’ve been very lucky to once again offer tarot readings at the beautiful Wintermoon festival. I wrote about my first time experience last year here. It is truly a slice of paradise, and again, I have relished my time there, both as a tarot reader and as an enthusiast of great music and delicious food. And lets not forget the surrounds!!


St Helens Creek… deep enough for a decent swim come the midday heat…


Well yes. This year we arrived on site 3 days prior to the festival starting, so we could enjoy the atmosphere and the crystal waters in peace. It was stunning.


As usual, the children gave the whole place a wonderful atmosphere of merriment and simple joy. As for me, I rolled up my sleeves… actually no sleeves, it’s tropical Queensland :) But boy, was I busy. Which is fantastic, especially to have a couple of clients from last year turn up and give fantastic feedback.

I ran a tarot workshop too, which was only 1.5 hours, so of course not enough! Nonetheless, I managed to pack a whole lot of history, lore, and pictures, and naturally ran out of time for all the things I wanted to do… never mind.


Tarot workshop at the Yurt

Tarot workshop at the Yurt


In between all this, I sampled a bit of shopping, tasted some healthy food, and enjoyed the music.

Henna and flowers

Henna and flowers


Stall decor

Stall decor

Readings by candle light

Readings by candle light

Festival art

Festival art

Music enthusiast

Music enthusiast


Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead. Many blessings,




New beginnings

New Mythic Tarot

New Mythic Tarot

First, a big Thank You to everyone who offered their gentle thoughts, whether in writing or in prayer, following my last post. It has been an intense and rather challenging past month, and we still do not know for sure what or where we will be in the near future. I’ll just keep learning to go with the flow.

Death is a time for endings, but also a time of new beginnings. I have finally created a new site for my tarot and astrology services – well, the astrology part is still being incubated. It’s still in a very rough draft – I need to:

- get a photography shoot done. This is the easiest and most fun part, as I know a fantastic local photographer and she has some great ideas already. Think a mix of vintage gypsy bohemian.
– figure out whether, and how, to offer online readings. I’m shelving this idea for now, because if we end up having to move house next month, I won’t have any time to offer online reading services.
– tidy up the site. Does anyone know how to remove the “leave a comment” text? Is it a simple tick box somewhere or do I have to roll up my sleeves and write code for this?

Anyhow. I now officially run the Whitsunday Oracle. I am happy to hear your thoughts, comments, tips, suggestions etc etc. It’s certainly a work in progress.


Many blessings,



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