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Fairytale Tarot by Baba Studio

 Not long ago I wrote about entering the Death year. I knew it would bring many changes, in the form of endings followed by new beginnings, yet I didn’t think Death itself would show up. I guess like most people, I didn’t want to entertain such visions.

A week ago Friday, my partner’s father passed away unexpectedly. It was sudden, and a total shock. It was a huge loss, made more acute by the strong bond between them.

The next couple of months will be full on, as we adjust to life and consider our options. We may well end up moving onto the bush block he owned, though at this stage nothing is certain and a lot depends on what my partner’s sister and brother would like to do as well. Only a couple of weeks ago we were talking how one day we would like to move onto my partner’s father’s land and look after it, but it was such a distant vision at the time, like a decade away.

For now, we will let time pass. There is a funeral to coordinate, and my partner needs time to grieve. Given all of this, I am placing this blog on hold for a couple of months. I may be back earlier, but I doubt it. Thanks to everyone who was been reading my ramblings. Blessings to you all.


Ahhh, the conundrums of choosing a name. What’s in a name? What isn’t? etc etc …

For a while now I’ve been mulling over choosing a consultancy name. I’ve wanted to use my real name, since it is not a common one owing to its Romanian roots. Then I wanted something a bit more mystical, after which I penned down a gothic one, a witchcrafty one, a “sensible” one, and around and around I went until I came back to my real name and so on. Another Full Moon came and went, and divine inspiration eluded me still.

So, I did what any other self-respecting tarot reader would do, and drew some cards on my options.

Options 1 to 5  Tarot of the Absurd

Options 1 to 5
Tarot of the Absurd


I focused on five options, and used Tarot of the Absurd. In an instant, my focus narrowed down considerably. My consultancy vision will be on tarot and astrology, specifically on one-to-one consultations. Looking at all the cards above, the first one strikes me a a definite, based first on the visual imagery: two people engaged in an exchange. It’s a comforting scene, and what’s more this is the 4 of Wands, a great card in the Tarot due to its associations of happiness, celebrations, success. Overall though, I like the exchange of these two, the engagement and the energy shown in the card – and the fact they are facing each other as well.

Next was the third option, 10 of Cups – this is a card of emotional satisfaction and happiness. If I could combine option 1 and option 3 into a name, that would be grand.

As for the rest, none really jumped up.  Certainly not option 4, showing 2 people in a battle, swords drawn – sheesh! And not option 5, with too much going on in the card (option 5 was for a name not yet thought of, and it just looked like I’ll be going in circles again and again…) I’ll have to give it some thought, naturally. I’ve set myself a deadline in March, and in between now and then, I need to think about website design, logo, fliers, and everything else. I’m not computer savvy, if anything I am technically challenged, so there’ll be a few late nights no doubt, trying to figure all this out. Still, I have a dream, and it feeds the hunger, and that is all that matters.

Warm blessings,

The Tarot Studio

Finally, I have a dedicated place to practice the craft. It is not mine, though I feel most at home there, and I am very blessed to have been offered the space for my tarot work.


A dark and cloudy day… The tarot studio in the foreground, the Healers Role behind it, and the Balinese garden surrounds. Bliss.

The space is part of The Healer’s Role, a magical space in the heart of Proserpine. Felicity Chapman is the Grand Alchemist and creatrix extraordinaire behind the Healer’s Role, where she creates magical potions for health and healing, performs Reiki treatments, and offers a sacred space to retreat from the hectic and often chaotic world out there.


It makes a huge difference to have a dedicated space for tarot work, a place away from home, and one that has air conditioning! ;) Believe me, when the daytime temperature is 30 Celsius at 10am in the morning, it matters. I am still in the process of getting bits and bobs sorted for my little nook, but overall I am ecstatic with the space.



Most importantly, I recognise that many, many women and men lack, yet crave, time for themselves, and I hope when they step inside, they enter a sanctuary. A sanctuary for their thoughts, their worries, their dreams, their pleasures, their visions, paths, strengths, tears, smiles. As a tarot reader, I’m in awe of what people share with me, in awe of their strength and fragility, and I feel enormously blessed to walk this path. Before each reading I offer a prayer and ask for blessings, guidance and protection for both the querent and myself.


I do feel blessed to have this opportunity, and even more, to have such a place in Proserpine. I offer much heartfelt gratitude to Felicity for having trust and sharing her dream with me.

The Balinese garden and courtyard adds a serene feel. Balinese furniture and garden ornaments are for sale throughout and beyond.

The Balinese garden and courtyard adds a serene feel. Balinese furniture and garden ornaments are for sale throughout and beyond.

Before leaving today I drew a card on the studio and on my work as a reader there. The King of Cups has actually come up before in readings relating to my tarot vocation, and I feel it’s a great card for a tarot reader.

King of Cups - Victorian Romantic Tarot by Baba Studio

King of Cups – Victorian Romantic Tarot by Baba Studio

Looking out towards the artist studio opposite.

Looking out towards the artist studio opposite.

And here I conclude my tour for today. I’ve come a long way, and have a longer way to go still. Today I relished each and every moment of this journey.

DSCF7218  Wishing everyone a blessed weekend,


Tea Leaf Cards : January

At the beginning of January, I did a full year spread for each month, using the Tea Leaf Cards. For January, I received:

Spear: Heartache over what you no longer have
Target: A goal-oriented person
Wind chimes: Peace and Harmony
Eagle: Triumph over troubles, obstacles

Spear made its presence straight away, via a fire in our laundry which nearly burned down the whole house. Long story short, we were (and still are) in the process of renovating the kitchen, part of which involved restoring the old floorboards (why people cover beautiful timber with hideous lino, is beyond me, but never mind). One morning after sanding the floorboards, we both went out – my partner went fishing, and I had some tarot work in town. During our absence, the floor shavings inside the sander combusted and the whole thing caught fire. Lucky someone drive past and stopped to alert the neighbours, who put the fire out before the fire truck arrived.

Still, there was quite a bit of damage to our laundry, and smoke and soot everywhere. So the Spear is all about losing something, in our case all the work done painting the walls in the kitchen (well, my partner has done and re-done all that!), as well as having a nicely charred floor in the laundry area. Oh well.

The charred laundry...

The charred laundry…

The Eagle ties in nicely with this story too, since we had a great resolution regarding the hired sander. This was a $7,000 piece of equipment which we hired, and for a while it looked like the hire company was going to charge us for it. Needless to say, aside from paying for a melted sander, we weren’t too keen on the idea considering the lack of instruction or any other information given when it was hired. In the end, my partner dealt with the whole thing admirably and the company advised they would not be billing us for the equipment, while making it clear they would not be held responsible for the damage to the house. I’d say the Target card definitely refers to my partner here.

As for the Wind chimes – it would be difficult to find a lot of peace and harmony in the first half of the month when all this was going on, but we certainly have had a bit of “counting our blessings” moments, as well as catching up with friends to have a laugh and unwind during the more stressful times.

Anyhow. Let’s hope February is a bit more easy going ;) Here’s a few photos of our work in progress, just for fun. The slabs of timber for the bench were from my partner’s father who is a carpenter and had a licence to harvest such amazing wood.

Wishing you all a relaxing and blessed February,





Enter the Death year

Death card from Anna K tarot deck

Death card from Anna K tarot deck

Hello 2014. Enter the Death year.

Technically, I entered the Death year in December, which is when my birthday is. I suppose I could reduce this down again, and say it’s the Emperor year, but that’s not how it works if you apply the Tarot system of 22 Major Arcana (except the Fool, which is 0). For numerology purists, single numbers would apply, I think.

Anyhow. See how I’m wondering off on tangents avoiding the elephant in the room? Death. Can there be a more charged card in the Tarot? I know, I know, for all the psychology enthusiasts out there, it’s all about transformation. But let’s infuse this with reality: it’s death, it’s the end. No iPhone app will change that one, I’m afraid.

Druidcraft Tarot

Druidcraft Tarot

I have a fairly good idea of what this will bring, notwithstanding the fact that in life, we often have no inkling of what’s around the corner ;) There will be an end to my environmental job this year, at some point. It won’t mean the end of my environmental path, far from it. But here I am, on a Monday morning, 20 minutes away from starting work, and I’m updating my blog. My priorities are evident.

I’ll be focusing most of my energies this year in creating an online and physical consultancy presence, with a focus on tarot, astrology and yoga therapy. This will mean finding a name, creating a website, getting fliers done, putting myself “out there”. I’ve avoided doing this so far as my environmental job is in a fairly mainstream organisation and don’t want to raise too many eyebrows in the small town where I live. Death asks, would the real Monica please stand up?

New Mythic Tarot

New Mythic Tarot

“It is rare that in your Death Year an actual death will occur, for it signifies transformation and regeneration as well as termination. In general, it’s more a time to shed old skin for new growth. Following a Hanged Man Year in which you faced whatever was hanging you up, now you are liberated, often resulting in a fresh surge of energy. You cut through stagnation to get to the things that work for you. By trimming off the deadwood and dying aspects of your life, you allow all the life force to flow into healthy parts so that they can spring forth anew. Whatever is destroyed this year makes way for new life.” Mary Greer – Who are you in the tarot?

Wishing everyone a blessed 2014,


I shall start by saying that a Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon combination makes for a wide, wide selection of interests and pursuits. This, in turn, adds much variety and interest in my life, as well as making, at times, a superficial attempt at learning the many and varied topics that sail through my brain, often out of nowhere. Nonetheless, this combination guarantees one thing: learning and studying will never stop.

I am now at a point where I definitely feel the overwhelming need for decent, formal study, and have narrowed down my paths to the following four:

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Astrology
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Energy Healing

I note that all four are what I’d call “practical” paths. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love some art history, mysticism, women’s spirituality and more. I think that I cover these fairly well through books, blogs, and the like. What I am interested in, as a formal study, are the four paths listed above. I did not add Tarot, as there are no courses that interest me online, at least not enough to dedicate a good chunk of time towards them; and besides, I’m actually thinking about teaching Tarot myself, but that’s another story… Trouble is, time and money are limited, which brings me to today’s tarot spread: which study path shall I follow in 2014? The Haindl Tarot offered the following, with 3 cards for each of these:

I love that the last card under the deck is The Fool: an excellent undercurrent for new adventures in study.

I love that the last card under the deck is The Fool: an excellent undercurrent for new adventures in study.

Herbal medicine: Krishna (Prince of Wands), The Empress, Chief Seattle (Prince of Stones)
Astrology: The Sun, Ace of Wands, The Star
Yoga therapy: Spider Woman (Queen of Stones), 2 of Cups, 4 of Wands
Energy healing: 10 of Swords, The Wheel of Fortune, 3 of Swords

Herbal Medicine  Prince of Wands - The Empress - Prince of Stones

Herbal Medicine
Prince of Wands – The Empress – Prince of Stones

Herbal Medicine is a definite yes: two pages, court cards that imply study of any kind, on either side of the Empress. As it is, I’ve started making my own herbal salves, but I want to learn a lot more. I’ve been offered the opportunity to join a local whole foods cafe and offer my salves for sale. This brings about a thousand questions, not least those relating to licensing and regulations.

Astrology The Sun - Ace of Wands - The Star

The Sun – Ace of Wands – The Star

If Herbal Medicine was a definite yes, Astrology is even more so. Lovely to see a luminary in the spread, and such a good omen too: The Sun. I’ve already researched providers, and I’m interested in the Kepler College online courses.

Yoga therapy Queen of Stones - 2 of Cups - 4 of Wands

Yoga therapy
Queen of Stones – 2 of Cups – 4 of Wands

Geez, I can’t do everything!!! I got the impression that I may do a short course, maybe a weekend away or something like that. Mainly because this spread didn’t have any major arcana cards, but nonetheless it is a great trio. I think with yoga, I am ready to start teaching it formally, I just need to find a suitable studio or venue. The 2 of Cups made me think of some one-to-one learning, which would be nice, but again, I don’t see this as being a long course of study, rather some study to inform my teaching or something like it.

Energy healing 10 of Swords - The Wheel of Fortune - 3 of Swords

Energy healing
10 of Swords – The Wheel of Fortune – 3 of Swords

Finally, this is a definite no. The 10 or Swords (Ruin) and 3 of Swords (Mourning) tell me to not even go there. I guess it’s not the right time. So for me, the focus in 2014 will be astrology and herbal medicine, as study paths.

Note that I have my north node conjunct Mars conjunct Jupiter in Virgo: I need to be on a path where I show people practical how-to: how to align a yoga posture, how to heal lower back pain, how to make a tincture, how to work with a transit, etc etc. It’s not so much about talking about an issue, like counselling or psychology – which has huge merit, but it’s not exactly the fit for me as an exclusive vocational path.

If you have a similar conundrum about what study path to follow, drawing 3 cards on each of your paths of interest can be really helpful. I think deep inside, we know what this is anyway, but having the cards confirm it is really helpful: no more procrastinating and wondering left or right.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. Many blessings,




Christmas reading


Well, you know, there’s a bazillion things to do on my Christmas break, and yet, this delicious offering arrived last week. I indulged and bought this year’s Man Booker prize winner: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. Not only is she the youngest person to win this prestigious literary award (at 28), she’s also a kiwi, and the book has an astrological bent to it, as suggested by the title. It’s 800 and something pages long, so I might not resurface for a while… ;)

I thought it would be interesting to draw three cards on the actual story itself, and I got Temperance, The Magician, and Lady of Vessels (Page of Cups). Personally I thought these three make a fine description for the process of writing a book, since the Magician I relate to Mercury, ruler of communication in general, and the Page of Cups is very fitting for artistic explorations. Well I’ll see how the story unfolds…

It looks like the author has researched astrology and is well acquainted with it, so this ought to be a decent meaty and engaging read.

Extract from The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Extract from The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Now excuse me while I sink into a comfy cushion and forget about the world…

Wishing everyone a peaceful week ahead,








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